Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Hot&Steamy playlist . .

The first thing on everyone's mind - Barry White, Sade and that awful donwtrodden "You can leave your hat on". :S I know it's classic, but it makes me wanna vomit every time I hear it.

So, fresh songs, new beats, clean sheets and let's begin. ;)

Sorry Peggy Lee, the king is in the House! Elvis Presley - Fever. HOT!

Does your neighbors really know his name? :) Trey Songz. You gotta love him.

Ride it by Jay Sean. Even the title makes you horny. 

Oh Kelis... You naughy girl. In public, ha?

Ying Yang Twins - Wait (the Whisper Song). No comment.

There goes my baby by the ultimate sex bomb Usher. 

And there goes the end of my Hot&Steamy playlist. Anything you wanna add up?
Jumpstart your new working week starting tomorrow. ;)

Monday, August 29, 2011

A Trip down memory lane . . .

. . . and what is a memory without any reminder of it? 
A smell, a taste, a photograph or a souvenir.
For most of the people they don't matter, just a few things taking up some free space, and collecting dust.
But I love them. A simple touch can bring lots of good memories, and that's what makes life so precious.

My newest - a handmade porcelain bell with traditional motifs from Bulgaria. It has a little string inside with a pearl at the end and it actually rings when you shake it. :)

Is there any better souvenir than the traditional turkish hat, popularly known as The Fez? I think not.
Turkey is my dreamland; a perfect mixture of nature, friendly people and tasty food. Symbiosis of the old and the modern.

This handmade ship model brings back memories from the lovely Montenegro.

And what is Egypt without it's trademark sign? The unique and magnificient Egyptian Pyramids.

And a little something from some dear friends of mine, from a places that are surely on my list to explore.
The Samurai Helmet from Japan

The porcelain windmill from Holland

and a palmful of the holy grand in Israel.

Finishing with some breathtaking photographs, with a desire to re-visit all of these places, over and over again. But remember, before you see the world, you must know your own country and see all the wonders she has to offer. Below you'll find the perfect song for this kind of a journey. :)

Enjoy ;)

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Approaching Autumn . . .

Yes, it's that time of the year, and I can't wait. 
I'm so sick of this summer, the temperature is driving me nuts. :S
I simply wanna put on my hat, my trench coat and enjoy the beautiful colors of the season.
Speaking of trench coats, let's take a look. 

An eternal classic coat style, and a ‘hot’ item for girls with attitude, whether is Spring or Autumn.
We loved her hair, her tiny tiara, the pearls, and we're loving the trench coat too.
Audrey Hepburn in 'Breakfast at Tiffanys' 

Followed by a another modern icon, when it comes to personal style and fashion ...

... and the young, but so seductive Emma Watson in a longer t-coat.

The truth is that the trench coat, like the little black dress, pearls and diamonds is timeless.

The trench coat was one of the very first masculine looks adopted by women.  In the 1820s, a Scottish chemist concocted an innovative method to weatherproof fabric using rubber: and the trench coat was born.

Men donned the dapper trench coat–thanks to the skilled craftsmanship of Thomas Burberry – while serving in the military trenches of World War I.
The Burberry trench coat is one of fashion's most iconic pieces. The coat was created in 1901 when the founder Thomas Burberry proposed the garment as the official raincoat for British Army officers. Once World War I rolled around, Burberry altered the jacket slightly to include a few new design features, such as epaulettes, d-rings and straps. Because the jacket was primarily worn by soldiers fighting in the trenches, the rain coat was eventually dubbed the 'trench coat.'  

And how does it look today?
A classic Burberry trench coat
Of cource, where would fashion be if there wasn't any room for variations?
The gothic trench coat
The short trench coat 
  Knee lenght trench

Full lenght to the floor

Single breasted or double breasted

My personal and very fresh variation is the trench coat dress.

Do you like it and would you wear it? And how about you, favorite model or color for your trench coat?

We know they've been there and done that... in their own way. ;)

Five Guilty Pleasures

We all have them.
Whether you like to keep them a secret or you shout them out loud, the guilty pleasure is inevitable segment of everyone's life.
So let's begin the countdown.

5) Gossiping with close friends over a cup of coffee
True, it's not something to be proud of, but it takes the edge of over a hard working day, it brings laughter and a bit of fun.

4) Tv-shows, mini-series and countless movies
Never enough of them. Recently, I literally lost track of the shows I'm watching... Gossip girl, 90210, The Big Bang Theory, Private Practice, Dexter, Game of Thrones, Life, Make it or Break it, Mistresses, South Park, Misfits... Thank God that the British are not so big fans of seasons with so many episodes. 
Look at Diary of a secret call girl. Simple, fun, 4 seasons and BOOM! It's over.

3) Reminisce of the childhood: The cotton candy !
Yes, we all love it, don't we? Well, not all of us, but the ones who hit the dislike button on this, don't know what they're missing. 
I want a machine that makes cotton candy for my Birthday.
Where to find it? In our city park, after you visited the Zoo. :) Avaliable in two colors: pink and blue. Mmmmm, yummy.

2) Dancing in your underwear and singing on a bottle of deodorant. 
Home alone and nothing to do. "Oh Beyonce, come and check my moves baby !" :D 
Well why the hell not? It's cheap, fun, releases tension and fills you up with joy and self esteem.
So go for it. It will put a cherry on your sunday for sure.

Favorite playlist 
High Volume 
Comfortable panties 
Lots of energy 
plus: a cocktail or a glass of wine 

1) Vanilla Ice cream with strawberry jam topping 
Don't knock it till you try it. Fresh strawberries are even better, but as we're approaching the fall, they're nowhere to be found. But strawberry jam is a totally different story. It's even sweeter, and it brings more flavour to the soft vanilla. Squeeze a few drops of fresh lemon juice on the top. It's divine.

What about you? Any guilty pleasures that you wanna share?

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Pure geniuses: Yoko Kanno and Mai Yamane

"If you pretend to feel a certain way, the feeling can become genuine all by accident." - Hai, Darker Than Black

A hat is a must ...

. . . is it?
Every new trend brings a certain flavours. The ultimate choice remains to you - will you obey to the new fashion trend ? Or will you carry on with your own sense of style ?

Let's see this season's (Fall / Winter / 2011) trends:

We have Michael Kors and his knited hat. Cute, simple, classic. "Granny, get your  knitting yarn!".

Kenzo's Boho chic hat. My personal favorite, if U ask me.

The so inevitable Fur hat (admit that the first thing that comes on your mind is Russia and the Red Square :) ).

Christian Dior's School-Boy Hat. 
I'll tell you the best place in Skopje where you can get this kind of hats. The beautiful old Bazzar, or as we  macedonians call it - Čaršija.

Is it me, or the trends just keep going in circles? :D
Oh well, tomorrow is another day.

Finishing my first post with some of my hats.

God, it's 40 °C outside, the simple thought of wearing a hat makes me wanna scream! :D