Monday, August 29, 2011

A Trip down memory lane . . .

. . . and what is a memory without any reminder of it? 
A smell, a taste, a photograph or a souvenir.
For most of the people they don't matter, just a few things taking up some free space, and collecting dust.
But I love them. A simple touch can bring lots of good memories, and that's what makes life so precious.

My newest - a handmade porcelain bell with traditional motifs from Bulgaria. It has a little string inside with a pearl at the end and it actually rings when you shake it. :)

Is there any better souvenir than the traditional turkish hat, popularly known as The Fez? I think not.
Turkey is my dreamland; a perfect mixture of nature, friendly people and tasty food. Symbiosis of the old and the modern.

This handmade ship model brings back memories from the lovely Montenegro.

And what is Egypt without it's trademark sign? The unique and magnificient Egyptian Pyramids.

And a little something from some dear friends of mine, from a places that are surely on my list to explore.
The Samurai Helmet from Japan

The porcelain windmill from Holland

and a palmful of the holy grand in Israel.

Finishing with some breathtaking photographs, with a desire to re-visit all of these places, over and over again. But remember, before you see the world, you must know your own country and see all the wonders she has to offer. Below you'll find the perfect song for this kind of a journey. :)

Enjoy ;)


  1. Photos bring back lovely memories =)

    Those scenery pictures are beautiful. The sun on the horizon is breath taking!

  2. убави фотографии и уште поубави сувенири ;)

  3. Супер се и фотографиите и сувенирите.. Кога ќе почнам сама да одам на одмор и јас ќе си купувам:D
    Mногу е убав блогот, немам навика да коментирам ама ги следам блоговите, ќе те читам често.. :))

    позз pink4ever ♥

  4. Фала многу pink4ever, срценце си ♥

  5. Fala premnogu na komentarot, blogot ti e prekrasen i te sledam!:)Fotografiite se preubavi!

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  7. Убави сувинири!