Saturday, August 27, 2011

A hat is a must ...

. . . is it?
Every new trend brings a certain flavours. The ultimate choice remains to you - will you obey to the new fashion trend ? Or will you carry on with your own sense of style ?

Let's see this season's (Fall / Winter / 2011) trends:

We have Michael Kors and his knited hat. Cute, simple, classic. "Granny, get your  knitting yarn!".

Kenzo's Boho chic hat. My personal favorite, if U ask me.

The so inevitable Fur hat (admit that the first thing that comes on your mind is Russia and the Red Square :) ).

Christian Dior's School-Boy Hat. 
I'll tell you the best place in Skopje where you can get this kind of hats. The beautiful old Bazzar, or as we  macedonians call it - Čaršija.

Is it me, or the trends just keep going in circles? :D
Oh well, tomorrow is another day.

Finishing my first post with some of my hats.

God, it's 40 °C outside, the simple thought of wearing a hat makes me wanna scream! :D


  1. Oбожавам капчиња, се заљубив во твоиве :)

  2. Леле фала, ги откопав од плакарот и едвај чекам да залади. :D

  3. Thank you so much for visiting my blog and commenting ! You're so sweet and your blog is very inspiring :)
    Really ? Where are you from ?

  4. Skopje, Macedonia.
    Thanks so much Lovely-Melody. :)

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