Monday, September 5, 2011

A note to my future self

Hello my future self !

You're currently 25 years old, with no job, and no money in savings.

Later today, you're starting ZUMBA classes, cause you're a little bit out of shape.

Do not worry. You've eaten a half of a fruit garden for breakfast and you still enjoy coffee as the first sip you've tasted.

I hope you still love to read books. I also hope that you didn't stop writing your short stories, poems and columns. Or maybe you're on a book tour, promoting your newest novel - "Women don't dress to impress men."

Are you still with that gorgeous man of ours? :) Does he make you happy than ever? 
Do you still prepare his favorit meal, sing while you cook and make love to him until you both pass out? :p

I hope you're happy and comfortable in your new house by the ocean.

I also hope that you've managed to keep our promise to walk around the house in the morning in high heels, lace underwear and pearls on your neck, parading in front of our man :p

As for me, don't you worry about a thing.
The year is 2011, I'm taking a good care of myself and our loved ones.
Tanning is obviously back in style :/, but I'm not exposing so reckless to the sun anymore, 'cause I do worry about me / you / us.
I don't want this letter to find you looking like a 40 something old wrinkled bag.

If you still enjoy a good strawberry margarita cocktail, cheers !   :)

The best is yet to come... ;)



  1. I love coffee and need a fix every morning. Hehe.

  2. I wish all your wishes will happen!

  3. Thank you darling, you're far to kind. I don't think a lot of my readers actualy do READ. I love that you do.

    And as far as the "story" goes. It's my life. I'm telling you all that happens, what I wish for to happen and what will happen. Im not leaving one dirty detail out. Im telling you everything.

  4. Прекрасен пост!

  5. divan post! :)

  6. Cool post!! I hope my future self still works out!! ha ha ha


  7. Slatko :) Nije da se nisam nasla u par stavki %)

  8. don't apologize darling, your vocabulary is way better than you think.

    Eva is my best friend.

  9. cute!!!

    xoxo from rome

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    Cosa mi metto???

  11. HI!
    Love your blog... Just discovered it! For sure I´ll enjoy the cocktail sistening to Frank Sinatra!!!!!!
    I follow U!!

    Xxx from Formentera!! :D

  12. Hi dear,

    such a lovely blog you have! I totally enjoyed reading it:))) And this umbrellas picture! I know exact place where it was taken:)) Love it!