Thursday, September 22, 2011

Women Hairstyles Fall / Winter 2011

Catwalks were filled with an array of beautiful hairstyles. From natural and effortlessly gorgeous to wet and sleek, there is a style for everyone, regardless your hair type and length. Embrace easy fall styling with free -flowing natural locks, ponytails, braids and messy buns. 

The half up/down hairstyle
* The perfect compromise between the sophistication of a classic updo hairstyle and the seductiveness of a loose hairstyle.

The ponytail
* This simple and quick way to achieve hairstyle is also utterly feminine and elegant. Besides, it is unbelievably practical and it can be worn day or night.

The hair bun
* A bun is the ultimate go-to style for a quick hair fix. If you want to feel ladylike, this is the perfect 'do for you. From loose, romantic buns and messy knots to chic chignons and glamorous twists, this season it's all about  the hair bun.

The Braided hairstyle
One of the best things about braids is their amazing versatility and the possibility to tailor them in order to suit any occasion. The milkmaid braids have a major return in a stylish and rather elegant way, interwoven with colorful strips of ribbon.

Althogh I have to admit that the fashion is really runnin' in circles here, these are very nice, affordable and practical hairstyles.
I love them all. 

Here's one simple and cute tutorial for quick messy updo hair bun!
(love the comments underneath)

How's this for a messy hair bun? 
Pretty good for a first tryout, I'll say.

What's your favorite upcomg hairstyle?


  1. Прекрасни фризури дури на една слика најдов буквално иста боја каква што сакам да се фарбам. Инаку многу многу ми се свиѓа твојата боја на коса :))

  2. прекрасна боја на коса! кој сјај! преубаво ;)

  3. Благодарам девојки, помешав две различни фарби, на почетокот беше малку бапска трула-вишња :) ама со миење полека паѓа и се претвора во оваа боја.

  4. Cute haicut! Like in photos nr 3;) my hair straighten. :)

  5. my favourite hairstyle for this fall is ponytail, because it's the easiest to do ;) but i will try this messy hair bun too ;)

  6. I just can't decide! :) every single one is amazing.

  7. Kad ustanem bunovna u nijedno doba a vec kasnim na posao pletenica/pletenice su spas

  8. I am the worst at up-dos! These are all so gorgeous & chic... wish I could pull it off! I especially love Carrie - she is a goddess!

  9. Kosata ti e preubava, a bojata stvarno fantasticna!!Odlicen izbor na frizuri, lesni za prevenje a ubavi:)

  10. Amazing ideas, i´ll try it some of them!!Kiss!!

  11. Прекрасен пост и слики!
    Многу ми се допаѓа бојата на твојата коса!

  12. I think my favorite look would have to be the messy bun or the braids. LOVE it!


  13. Пунџа дефинитивно е мојот избор.

    Твојата коса има преубава боја, а собрана ти стои прекрасно =)

  14. I love all those hairstyles especially the half up hairstyles. Thank you for sharing this~

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